Ultrasound Studies

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Ultrasound Studies

The Vascular Laboratory uses ultrasound scans to take pictures of your arteries and veins.  Ultrasounds are high frequency sound waves that we cannot hear but that can penetrate through soft tissues.  They don't expose people to radiation risks like X-ray and are very safe. 


After a physical examination, the physician will often order an ultrasound scan to help him or her with their diagnosis. The ultrasound technologist will hold a device, called a transducer, against the skin.  The transducer produces high frequency sound waves, and listens to the echoes.  The echoes from the sound waves are converted into images of the arteries and veins and can show the blood flow.  The images will help the physician evaluate any abnormality in the blood vessel.  

An ultrasound scan usually takes about 30-40 minutes and should cause no discomfort or pain to the patient.