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About Riverside Vascular

Riverside Vascular, located in Riverside, San Bernardino County in California, is devoted to providing expert diagnosis and treatment for patients with vascular diseases.

The vascular system, comprising of all the arteries and veins, carries blood from the heart to the tissues throughout the body and back to the heart. Vascular diseases include occlusion, or narrowing of arteries by plaques, causing reduced blood flow through these vessels to the arms, legs, head and neck or to the abdominal organs, such as the kidneys and the intestines. 


Reduced blood flow in the arteries to the legs may result in leg pain, progressing to ulcers, and gangrene.  Without timely medical management or intervention, amputation may be the only recourse once gangrene has set in.


Weakening of the artery wall, usually of the aorta, the largest artery of the body that carries blood from the heart to the rest of the body, may also occur.  This causes the artery to bulge and stretch, and may eventually rupture if left untreated which could lead to severe bleeding and possibly death.


Occlusion or compression of the veins may also occur.  Chronic thrombosis or compression of the main vein in the abdomen or pelvis can cause leg swelling, skin changes and ulcers.  Blood clots may form in a deep vein in the legs (Deep Vein Thrombosis), potentially breaking off and be carried by the bloodstream into the lungs where it may get lodged in a small vessel and block the blood flow.

Riverside Vascular treats these and other vascular disorders.  It brings together in one location expert physicians and vascular surgeons, advanced diagnostics, and the latest technologies to treat many of these disorders with a minimally invasive approach in an outpatient setting that is effective and convenient for our patients.


Our Physicians

Dr. Ahn is a Board-Certified vascular surgeon.  Dr. Ahn was formerly on the full time faculty at UCLA Medical School and served as full Professor of Surgery and Director of Endovascular Surgery.

Dr. Chin is a Board-Certified Surgeon who specializes in treating a wide range of vascular and general disorders. Dr. Chin has practiced in the greater Riverside County metropolitan area for over 28 years.

Dr. Mahmoud is Board Certified in General Surgery, Critical Care Surgery, and Thoracic Surgery.  His vascular expertise includes abdominal aneurysm repairs, dialysis access, and endovascular procedures for arterial and venous diseases.

Dr. Prince Esiobu is a Board Certified Surgeon in Vascular Surgery, as well as in General Surgery. He is trained in the most current and cutting edge vascular and endovascular therapies.

Dr. Francisco Vega is a native of southern California and is of Mexican descent. He is fluent in Spanish and English has a strong commitment to helping underserved communities.